Sarmat complex


The composition of the complex PC-28 "Sarmat"

Became known composition of the Russian missile system PC-28 "Sarmat".

This afternoon, experts have confirmed the readiness of the Russian Sarmat missile system. As it was found out today, the PC-28 Sarmat complex includes:

  • Freight handling unit (T526);
  • Transport and installation unit (Т528);
  • Mobile rolling stock of missile (МХNUMX);
  • Assembly of lifting equipment (Т529);
  • Unified transport unit (Т530).

As follows from the presented document, we are talking about the development of project materials for the cataloging of the Sarmat development system, which indicates that the Sarmat missile system has been successfully completed, and the missile will be put into service in the near future.

According to experts, tests of the Russian Sarmat PC-28 missile system will be carried out over the next 2-3 months, and by the end of the year the rocket will be put into service.

It should be clarified that a few days ago, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin declared that the development of the Russian Sarmat heavy rocket is at the final stage.

According to Kure was not. Profit only throwing in the past year - worked out the PAD for the mortar start. Were stand for marching engines. Everything...

Have there been tests on Kure?

Cataloging is good. But I would like at least one flight test, and only then talk about the "final stages."


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