Fighter crash


The Su-30 fighter crashed - the crew died. Video

When the Su-30 fighter crashed, two pilots died.

A few hours ago, the media reported that the Algerian Su-30MKI Air Force fighter crashed during a training night flight. The causes of the crash have so far remained unknown, however, a crew of two people on board the fighter died.

“A military plane crashed in Umm al-Boisy province in northeast Algeria. The crew of two people died. The causes of the crash are not yet called. According to Al Nahar television channel, we are talking about a Russian-made Su-30MKA fighter, there are several dozen such aircraft in the Algerian Air Force ”- RIA Novosti reports, citing Algerian media.

The resource had a video made a few minutes after the crash of the Algerian Su-30 fighter. It can be seen on it that the plane was almost completely destroyed, while taking into account the fact that the crew of the combat fighter did not attempt to eject, it can be assumed that the tragedy occurred either very quickly, or the crew tried to land the combat aircraft until the last.

According to sources, the destruction of the earth was avoided.

As follows from the information provided by the media, Algeria is armed with several dozen Su-30 fighters, purchased earlier from Russia, while, to date, Algeria is the only country that has signed a contract with Russia to supply fifth-generation Su-57 fighters.

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