Helicopter crash


Helicopter crashed Mi-8 airline "Yamal"

The Mi-8 helicopter with passengers fell immediately after takeoff.

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. On its territory, as reported by 21 in March, the Telegram channel 112, immediately after takeoff, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter crashed.

The crash occurred with the Yamal Airlines flight helicopter, taking off from the village of Nori to perform a flight to Nadym. Taking off, the car hit its tail on the ground.

Immediately after this touch, the car fell from a three-meter height. There were 25 people in the car, including eight children and three crew members. There are no injuries among the passengers.

The same helicopter in December 2018 made a hard landing in the city of Kedrovy. The city is located in the Tomsk region. On that day, there were also 8 people aboard the Mi-25: three crew members and shift workers. The accident suffered three passengers who suffered minor injuries. They were sent to a medical facility. Accident with human victims (catastrophe)