Plane crash Su-27


Crashed in Ukraine Su-27 not repaired for three decades

The Su-27 fighter that crashed in Ukraine has not been repaired for nearly three decades.

The Rossiyskaya Gazeta edition provided information that the Su-27 fighter that suffered a few days ago in Ukraine, which killed two pilots, did not undergo 27 repair for years. According to experts, this fact became the main circumstance of the tragedy.

According to available information, the Su-27 fighter was produced in the times of the Soviet Union, in 1991, and was put into service with the Ukrainian Air Force. In the 2009 year, due to the expiration of the resource, the Ukrainian fighter was sent for conservation, but after five years, in the 2014 year, the aircraft was again re-opened and put into service. Despite the expiration of the resource, the Ukrainian fighter has not been repaired for almost three decades - the only exception was the application of new camouflage, which, however, does not affect the technical capabilities of the aircraft.

“If the Ukrainian military never really repaired the Su-27 fighter for nearly three decades, then it is very likely that this explains the circumstances of the tragedy that took place in the lives of Ukrainian and American pilots”, - the expert marks.

In the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, this data has not yet commented.

In our country in the year of such accidents, a dozen ... They are also not being repaired ?!