The crashed Russian Su-27 was supposed to intercept NATO missile destroyers

Crashed off the coast of Crimea, the Russian Su-27 was supposed to intercept NATO missile destroyers.

The NATO missile ships that entered last Monday and the Russian warship escorting them escorted them, forced the experts to conclude that the Russian Su-27 combat plane, which had flown from the territory of the military airfield in the Crimea and crashed in a few minutes, was also supposed to to intercept the ships of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The current location of the missile frigates of the Italian Navy and the Canadian Navy remains unknown, however, given some data, the latter advanced northward, although it is highly doubtful that the warships went directly to the Crimea.

“Of course, the Su-27’s night flight could have been planned, but given the fact that the plane was heading southwest, there are suspicions that it was supposed to track the NATO missile frigates. Moreover, 10 hours before the incident, an American military reconnaissance aircraft was seen near the Crimean borders, which does not exclude the possibility that the departure could also be associated with an attempt to intercept another aircraft that approached the Crimea with the transponders turned off. ", - the expert marks.

By the current hour, the fact remains exactly what exactly the purpose of the departure of the Russian fighter was, as well as there are no statements about the possible circumstances of the crash.

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