Filin system


Developer 5П-42 "Filin": the system is old, inefficient and can be protected from it

The developer of the system of visual and optical interference 5P-42 "Filin" spoke about its shortcomings.

The publication of Fontanka interviewed Yuri Zenkevich, the head of the enterprise Jupiter-Z, which carried out the initial development of the visual-optical interference system 5П-42 Filin. According to Zenkevich, the installation, which is issued for a unique one, in fact, has 17-year history, while it is ineffective.

“They (“ Ruselectronics ”- editorial note) issue as know-how a product that has been created for a long time, including at the expense of my funds, and skim the cream. We had ambitious plans. For example, we planned to develop the civil modification of "Filina" in the year in 2012 "- declared Zenkevich.

Moreover, a representative of the Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences noted that statements previously made by the Russian military do not correspond to reality, since the installation does not cause nausea or any other disorders, and for protection from the system of visual-optical interference 5P- 42 "Filin" just enough to close one eye.

“The modulation of different-frequency signals may be designed to start the process of generalization. Brain, roughly speaking, begins to continuously “drive” information through the hemispheres, which can cause an epileptic seizure. But to protect against such exposure, it is enough to close one eye. ”- said an employee of the Institute of Human Brain RAS.

Foreign media, in turn, published data that when the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov passed through the English Channel, Russia used its 5P-42 Filin against the British military and citizens, which, of course, is not true.

There were no zinkeviches at the creation of Filin. The Brain Institute didn’t participate either. Zinkevich never had a tolerance there. This rogue doesn’t even understand that if you close your eyes, then it’s impossible to shoot - as required! The same is true when wearing dark glasses. know i don't understand But Take at least one comment on a comment and those behind it is responsible -.. The military seems very knowledgeable sitting in office EW VMF.I their names do not exactly Zinkevich.


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