No destruction was recorded in Iran after the Israeli attack

This morning in the city of Isfahan, located in central Iran, a loud explosion was heard, the cause of which was the activation of the air defense system (air defense). Information about the event was confirmed by the second brigadier general of the Iranian army, Siyavash Mihandust. The general reassured the public, saying that the activation of the air defense was caused by a reaction to suspicious objects, and asserted that there was no damage or casualties as a result of the incident.

The incident followed reports of a "limited" retaliatory strike that Israel carried out against targets in Iran. US media reported explosions that were also heard in the Isfahan area. At the same time, the Iranian state agency IRIB reported the activation of air defense systems in several provinces of the country, which was allegedly caused by the approach of drones.

Tasnim confirmed that nuclear facilities in Isfahan province remain safe and undamaged by possible attacks. In addition, New York Times sources clarified that the target of the Israeli attacks could be an airbase located near Isfahan.


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