People at the airport


It's about the beginning of the flight to Egypt at the moment does not go

Air traffic between Russia and Egypt in the near future will not be restored.

Information about this was voiced by representatives of the Egyptian Embassy in the Russian Federation on the eve of the day. At the moment, experts of the two countries are coordinating on the organization of an adequate level of security at major airports in Egypt, while the information about the last inspection by Russian experts of the air ports of Egypt has not yet been announced, which may indicate possible problems in this aspect.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that a few days ago the information resource reported that the air communication between the two countries most likely will resume no earlier than September-October of the current year, which in fact makes Russian tourists forget about holidays in Egypt this summer.

Invite Egyptians in Moscow. Let them show how to work employees to the airport and to learn from them .... And Mr. Sokolov must be very embarrassing to the Egyptians for their employees, with the laxity of the times .... even the girl could miss without a ticket ... so can terrorists and miss ... Looks like everyone forgot about the explosions in Scheremetevo