Decisions about airlines using mobile phones on board aircraft.


Decisions about airlines using mobile phones on board aircraft.

24 November 2013. The US Federal Commission is revising the law on allowing the use of mobile phones by passengers during flights.

As a result of the vote, it was decided that the airlines are free to decide whether to allow passengers to make phone calls, send messages and use the Internet.

The innovation in many airlines has allowed to expand the use of electronic devices on board aircraft.

"Passengers overwhelmingly reject the use of a cell phone in the cabin," - says the union.

They are concerned that conversations can be distracting during emergencies, and jeopardize security.

Passengers of some US airlines gained access to the Internet, but the transmission and receipt of information is very slow.

But the US airline - Delta Air Lines Reported that they forbid their passengers to use mobile phones during the flight.

Many airlines today provide the opportunity to use the phone and the Internet in the plane, but the quality and absolutely safe for the flight, these services can not be provided by one airline. I think it would be better to wait a little with such know-how, we would work on improving the equipment and the rules for using phones, tablets, etc. (the benefit of technical development allows it to be done).