Fighter F-35


The "mode of the beast" F-35 fighter hit the video

The Dutch F-35 fighter demonstrated "the mode of the beast".

The unremarkable "stealth" fighter F-35, which is in service with the Netherlands Air Force, demonstrated to the camera a flight in the so-called "beast mode". This is a special mode of flight, which is used to conduct air combat, while the armament is placed on external pylons, so the presented video frames until the current moment were of considerable interest.

Despite the fact that the main reason for the appearance of these cadres was the attempt of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands to impress the world with the power of a combat fighter, which, incidentally, is absolutely unfairly considered the best on the planet, experts noted that in reality, no impressive features of "regime of the beast" is no different.

"What did the Dutch Air Force try to boast of? Personally, I see an ordinary flight here - just like that, old Soviet ground-attack planes, fighter jets and bombers can do similar flights, not to mention much more promising combat aircraft. If this is all the possibilities of Trump's unique fighter, then what superiority can we speak about? ", Says analyst

It should be noted that if according to Western analysts, the American F-35 fighter is highly maneuverable, then on the video cards it did not find a place.

The regime of the driven beast ...