Boeing 777


Relatives of the passengers of the flight MH370 filed a lawsuit against The Boeing Company

Against the aircraft manufacturing giant «Boeing» the court seized from passengers who died in the crash of a family MH370 flight.

The lawsuit was filed by relatives of passengers of Malaysia Airlines «Malaysia Airlines», which in their claims point to the fact that in the fuselage of a passenger aircraft could be allowed a defect in the process of production of the aircraft. Despite this fact, experts doubt that the lawyers will be able to prove the guilt of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, especially because until now remains still unproven even the fact that the plane really crashed, not to mention the possible defects in the fuselage of an airliner Boeing 777.

By the way it should clarify the fact that the passenger plane en route flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared two years ago, and has not yet been able to establish any actual place of disappearance or possible causes, if we are talking about a catastrophe.