Rocket Sarmat


Rogozin: the Sarmat rocket will tear any missile defense system to shreds

The head of "Roscosmos" spoke about the capabilities of the heavy ICBM "Sarmat".

Speaking on the TV channel Russia 24, the head of the Russian corporation Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that today there is no possibility in the world to do anything against the latest Russian heavy intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat, which will easily overcome any systems missile defense (missile defense) literally "Tearing it to shreds".

Dmitry Rogozin stressed that the newest Russian ICBM Sarmat is effective not only against existing, but even against promising anti-missile defense systems, which are being developed only.

Considering the fact that in the near future a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" will be put into service, Russia has a significant advantage over the United States of America, who have never been able to achieve a reliable anti-missile defense system that could even cope with supersonic missiles, not to mention the fact that the “Sarmat” will move at hypersonic speed, and the existing radar facilities simply cannot even detect this rocket.

Ragozin would be better to keep quiet.

Sarmat is a replacement for the good old Governor (who is just as safe for any missile defense). There is no newfangled "hypersound" in Sarmat (and not necessary). If only to put on it a Vanguard combat unit, they are going to. Although this is a bust, except that we have too much extra money.