Romanenko offered Ukraine to prepare for surrender to Moscow

Ukrainian general said that Ukraine is actually surrounded by Russia

Ukrainian Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko presented a new version of the "possible directions of the Russian attack." Earlier, the general headed the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for a long time he has been a frequenter of programs on both Ukrainian and Russian TV channels. Currently, Romanenko declares himself as an expert.

According to the lieutenant-general, the lines of attack in Russia are now the Crimean peninsula and Belarus. Russia, as he declared to the Ukrainian edition of Glavred, has already increased all kinds of forces, including air and sea. Its military potential is now raised to a strategic level.

The general said that at present Ukraine is “actually surrounded by Russia” from three sides. He claims that last year Russian troops entered Belarus with the aim of creating a unified air defense system of the Union State. Then their conclusion followed, but they were "only partially withdrawn." Romanenko is sure that those Russian who remain in Belarus are enough to create a corridor for “entering Ukraine from North”.

The former chief of staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine argues that from the capital of Belarus to Kiev is within reach. The approach, he says, remains old: “seize the capital, and this will become a very serious problem for the enemy,” in connection with which Romanenko suggested either to carefully search for a solution to this gap, or to capitulate.

We are torn, my Friend!
(to my friend A.D.CH.)


We're breaking, my friend,
With you, each, into three parts!
Between the three love-participles,
You, just like me,
Do not save yourself:
We conquered the peak of misfortunes
Not realizing what Happiness is,
In the valley of sinful being ...

Forces on the Three Homelands, not enough -
For THREE - in the answer everyone, shit,
We are like children - Three - All -
The fate of the country, and, - missed
Soviet Motherland, stupidly,
Admit, my friend, it's time ...
It is apparently impossible to save ...
But, the Little Homeland, in Memory -
Mariupol status will be presented,
Spit sandy beach ...

Life has confirmed that it is impossible
In the Third Capital of Being -
Moscow, we can not hide
From childhood feelings free themselves,
On the banks of the Moscow River
To the Little Motherland ... Wars
Fragments could not dream
And assume that we will fight
We are not in a dream, but - in reality -
On New Russia, the killers
What are we going to, sorry for diction,
They could not even imagine ...

On the battlefield, impersonal,
Ruthlessly hack start,
And, not from sleepy fright, -
Deliberately chop each other
From the shoulder, not the first brick,
Fell drunk arm ...
Note - forged sword,
To deprive allowed the rights of life
Who White Brothers convinced
Father, blessed, on son:
Son - to chop the Father, and along,
Father chop his son's eggs?
Yes, the City of Mary - bespritannitsey
Suddenly he turned up, since he failed
With outpost and the sign
Russian Empire - Status,
With a legal Institution degree
Coordinate for all ages ...
Outskirts avoid pranks? -
Do not protect Rus suffering -
The people, leaving a fool ...

Mariupol - built Empire,
The Union raised the City to Heaven,
By mercy passed hang
Unitarian, without constraint ...
I personally feel ashamed that their demon
Bent down the consciousness of the heirs
Outbid the Swiss trend,
Under the laces of the maiden body ...

And now, now, she is the chosen one
From Russia it looks like an “exile”
Above the Kiev buffet - cross,
From the UOC, to the sounds of Mass,
Under Thomas, an outcast stepdaughter ...
If Russia does not get rid
And, there and there, from Jewel,
Rename, bitches, Grad,
In some petlyura garden
Not Orthodox Christianity -
Novo-Khazar obrvanitsy -
In the Khazar-Jewish hell ...

Russia revenge, and not laziness:
Greeks, Jews, Ukrainians came,
Consider us to be superfluous
In Mariupol, where were you born?
The people are screaming, - all zae ... fusi,
Under the Anglo-Saxons, Paris,
Pray in Catholic ...
With the Jews without problems e ... be,
And, enjoy the semi-worldly
Trading little Pussy,
After all, this, in Jewish terms, is life!

And Rus / Russian - I can not believe
That our superethnos has pasted ...
Release, yes, could not
In Moscow, Jews and Jews,
For twenty-five years they were mad
Race Belyuyshaya rational, -
To bestiality, they were cast down:
They have a tongue - a Yiddish- "Kiev" ...
In Russian do not want intimacy,
Liquid born Ukrainians ...

Hebrew and Yiddish from Odessa
It sounds in Mariupol and shines,
And, in the center, on the Dnieper,
Seven-forty, in Hebrew - sinful,
Do not cover, do not call
On the heart of the not easier ...
In Kiev cutlets - the same
Guzzle staff with Mironnoff, local,
Including brotherhood in debt
Ukrainians, as the heavens ...

Mariupol guests we know
On the steamer to collect, how, to fuse
To the Red Sea, into exile,
Through the Kerch, on the free bread ...
Bosphorus, through the Marmara, further
From the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra,
Away, remember - forever!

For a quarter of a century of being,
Three KINDS dividing All
From the USSR to Ukraine,
Slavic-Russian epic,
In Moscow, we look, too, without evil,
NO - BEFORE, NO - AFTER Being ...
We, the post-Soviet Freak,
Despised us - Metropolis,
Freed from the family ...
I became homeless at homeland,
Swelled in full,
In the pool outskirts to the bottom,
All silently lowered,
Beauty that you loved
We will answer for it in full,
For drowning themselves ...
I'm sorry, my friend, loving you,
Mariupol, Kiev and Moscow,
Empire, Union - Russia,
I'm torn by impotence
Return their essence to the circles
Own, forgive, inimitable,
Already it is impossible, il in the foreseeable
We will return all of Ukraine,
In the bosom of the Empire of Good?

What is left to draw
A couple of circles still - eleven
Let's be touched by each other,
Conscious of our admire,
And, to believe - to go,
Two more circles - say goodbye
With the Fatherland, in the family circle,
And, quietly leave,
In that other world, paying off debts,
Located in the Paradise Brotherhood ...
I wish to recharge a friend,
At least in two circles
You, sweetie, my dear!
We have to drink wine,
In the steam room to sweat, pour out
Then, under the broom of Russia,
And, catching your breath - enjoy
Recover to be amazed
Forces - in two circles, in spite of ...


Moscow, the river "Desna"
Victor Rusakov
(impromptu, unedited, sorry!)