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Rosoboronexport saved? The C-400 missiles drowned in the English Channel were not insured

The sum of the destroyed C-400 missiles in the English Channel is estimated at billions.

A few weeks ago it became known that during the transportation of anti-aircraft missiles for the C-400 “Triumph” air defense missile system to China, the seagoing ship got into a storm, and most of the missiles were damaged, and besides, some information appeared that and it turned out to be at the bottom of the strait. Despite the lack of official statements from Rosoboronexport, unexpected details were revealed - most of the missiles were not insured, and the damage caused is measured in almost 17 billion rubles.

According to the data presented, of the three shipments of the anti-aircraft missiles for the C-400 “Triumph” complexes, only one was insured.

“In fact, on board the Nikifor Begichev there were two more consignments of additional cargo not included in the insurance. Only bills of lading were drawn up for them - they are at the same time receipts for cargo receipt and waybills. ”, - informs the Fontanka edition.

For what reasons, part of the expensive cargo was not insured, so far remains unknown, but experts did not rule out the fact that the reason for this was the banal savings, which resulted in costs of the order of 17 billion rubles.

Russia, in turn, stated that it was ready to replace damaged missiles for China at its own expense, however, given the fact that the incident occurred a long time ago, experts had questions about how soon China would get long-range missiles for its air defense systems.

Armament in China is always supplied only by sea.

Probably the captain never sailed the seas and did not know that there are storms.

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Why were they taken by sea around the world? There is a train message with China!


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