Russia had to fly fighter jets to scare off American troops

Russia had to fly fighter jets to scare off American troops.

Another unpleasant incident that occurred in the region of the Syrian city of Tel Tamr in eastern Syria related to the detention of the Russian military by US troops and the obstruction of the movement of the latter forced the Russian military command in the Arab Republic to fly combat aircraft into the sky, apparently in order to demonstrate readiness to support Russian troops in case of open aggression by the United States.

“The Americans prevented the Russian convoy from entering Tel Tamr. This led to a very serious confrontation. During this incident, the Americans called Apache attack helicopters to fly over their heads. ", - reports “Twitter” account “Woofers”.

In turn, a number of other sources report that, in response, Russia was forced to fly its combat aircraft (presumably from an air base in the city of Kamyshli - approx. Ed.)

“Today, another incident occurred. US and Russian forces are blocking each other in northern Syria., This time there are reports that both sides are flying in helicopters and military aircraft as a "demonstration of power", the Twitter account of The UP2Dater said.

At the moment, the editors of the resource have neither been able to confirm nor deny information about the use by the Russian aerospace forces of combat aircraft to cover the convoy with Russian troops, however, experts say that it could very well be a serious escalation.

Representatives of the United States (Pindos) in the SAR are illegally stealing oil, which belongs to the people of the SAR plundered by Pindos and ISIS. Therefore, to smoke them from there, you can’t imagine any easier way.

But what if by chance a Russian cruiser moves the Ukrainian rusty trough in terms of the blockade of Crimea?

Both raised and lowered. Themselves raised, lifters.


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