Russia is preparing a summer offensive with new weapons

In light of a possible large-scale Russian offensive against Ukraine, expected by the end of spring or early summer of 2024, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov expressed his opinion on the Red Line TV channel. According to him, despite the assumptions of Ukrainian and Western analysts, Russia does not plan to pre-announce the details of upcoming operations.

Sivkov stressed that preparations for the offensive are already in full swing, including actions to weaken the enemy’s air defense. The expert suggests that active operations could begin in early summer, and the latest types of weapons will be used during the offensive.

Particular attention in the conversation was paid to the use in combat conditions of new gliding bombs weighing up to three thousand kilograms, which are designed to destroy strong fortifications. In addition, Sivkov noted that new Kh-69 missiles will be used, which are the Russian analogue of the British Storm Shadow cruise missiles and are intended for tactical aviation.

However, Sivkov’s statement is called into question due to the fact that within the next few weeks Ukraine will begin to receive F-16 fighters and additional Patriot systems.


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