Airstrikes Syria


Russia is preparing a massive air strike: this in Syria has not yet been

Syria is preparing a large-scale offensive operation.

As follows from official data, the Syrian authorities have delivered an ultimatum to the militants occupying the southern part of the Arab Republic — either within the next 48 hours the militants surrender unconditionally, or they will be destroyed as part of a large-scale special offensive operation.

In the operation in the south of Syria, it is planned to use about two dozen Russian bombers, fighters and ground-attack planes, which may become the largest operation in this region for Russian military security services.

"Given the fact that previously such ultimatums already acted on Syrian militants, it is logical to assume that the liberation of the south of Syria can take place with a minimum of losses. If terrorists do not want to surrender, then bombs and missiles will be poured on their fortresses around the clock until the territory is conquered, as was already observed in the suburbs of Damascus, on the northern outskirts of Homs and in other areas of the Arab Republic ", - said the analyst

Nevertheless, there is a suggestion that large-scale operations can be prevented by Israeli and Jordanian military, although taking into account the fact that Russian air defense systems will be trained on the enemy, these Syria neighbors hardly want to interfere in the military conflict.

Previously, experts have already said that the liberation of the southern Syrian Arab Republic is a priority, as it will provide an opportunity to advance on other fronts.

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It is urgent to modernize the air defense and air forces of Syria, at least with the means of the previous generation. With the subsequent replacement of the modern. It is necessary to consider the armed forces of Syria as a component of the Russian.