Iskander rocket launch


Russia prepares training launches of "Iskander" on the background of the teachings of the Polish Navy

Poland's largest military exercises will be held under the missile exercises of Russia?

A few days ago, large-scale military exercises began in Poland with the involvement of the Polish Navy. As part of the exercises in the Baltic Sea, Polish warships will learn well-coordinated work, launch missile launches and ensure the protection of their territory from a possible attack. Nevertheless, information appeared that, against the background of the military exercises conducted by Poland, Russia is preparing to conduct its own exercises involving not only combat and strategic aviation, but also training launches of Iskander missiles.

To date, there are no official confirmations of this data by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but an anonymous source said that given the scale of the exercises conducted directly on the Russian borders, Russia will demonstrate its readiness to defend its territorial integrity.

It should be clarified that information about missile launches prepared by Russia is also partially confirmed by the recent exercises of strategic aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces during the US and NATO military maneuvers off the coast of Norway, during which Russian strategic bombers launched rocket attacks on the adversary, and Russian anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 flew several kilometers from the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet.

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