Rocket Launch Dagger


Russia is preparing to test 20 hypersonic Dagger missiles simultaneously.

Russia is preparing large-scale tests of hypersonic weapons.

According to data provided by American intelligence, in the near future, Russia is preparing large-scale tests of hypersonic armament. We are talking about the simultaneous launch of 20 X-47М2 hypersonic missiles, which are part of the Dagger ARC, while the American television channel CNBC, referring to US intelligence, has already completed the transfer of relevant missiles to the test site.

"About 20 Russian missiles, from which the US is currently unable to defend itself, were recently transferred to a military range, indicating another milestone in the Kremlin's hypersonic weapon program, people directly familiar with American intelligence reports say", - notes "CNBC".

The American television did not tell any details, but analysts didn’t rule out that this could be true, especially against the background of how Russia and the United States suspended their participation in the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium-Range Missiles, and exchanged warnings about the start of development. medium and short range cruise missiles.

Earlier it was reported that the mass armament complexes "Dagger" in Russia will begin in 2020 year, but satellite images taken at one of the military airfields in southern Russia, indicate the fact. that the "Daggers" are already ready for their combat use.

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