Airstrikes of VKS


Russia used 16 combat aircraft for new attacks on Syria

80% of fighters and bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces deployed at Khmeimim airbase took part in new strikes against Idlib.

At the disposal of the flight there appeared information that practically all combat aircraft based on the Hmeymim military airbase took part in the air strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria. It is reported that the aviation of the VKS struck at least hundreds of air strikes against the militants' positions, moreover, they took part in a large-scale military operation:

  • 8 front-line bombers Su-24М2;
  • 4 fighter-bomber Su-34;
  • 4 fighter Su-35.

According to analysts, such airstrikes against Idlib have not been dealt for more than six months already, and the scale of the strikes that hit the photographs and videotapes is striking.

Experts do not exclude that such measures on the part of Russia may indicate the preparation of a full-scale offensive against the positions of the militants, which will involve the Syrian government forces, the Iranian military and the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, experts say that the appearance of the Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” in the Mediterranean Sea is by no means accidental - the Caliber cruise missiles in its armament can fall upon the militants, completely crushing them.

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