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Russia can supply C-300 complexes to the DPRK

Russia can significantly enhance the protection of the DPRK by placing C-300 air defense systems in this country.

Against the background of another cooling of relations between the United States of America and the DPRK, which is due to the new tests of tactical high-tech weapons, the DPRK authorities may consider buying Russian C-300 Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems to enhance their defense capability.

“The delivery of the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems“ Favorite ”quickly heightened“ terrible and powerful ”Israel that the jokes are over. Despite the many statements from this state, which is one of the most militarily powerful on the planet, the Israeli air force has not even flown to Syria for two months now. Arming the DPRK with modern air and missile defense systems, Russia will first of all protect its own borders. ”, - the expert marks.

Analysts draw attention to the fact that in reality, the transfer of any weapons to the DPRK will cause a lot of disturbances, however, given the policy of double standards of international organizations, this should not be a problem.

“Israel openly violates the sovereignty of Syria by bombing this country. Ukraine is violating the Minsk agreements and bombing the Donbass. The United States uses prohibited ammunition against civilian Syrian residents. This list is endless. International organizations are going on a complete mess, so Russia should pay attention primarily to their own interests. ”, - emphasizes the expert.

It should be clarified that today the DPRK is armed with obsolete and physically worn air defense systems, and the emergence of C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems in this country will greatly enhance Pyongyang’s defenses.

Among other things, this afternoon it became known that the DPRK authorities expelled a US citizen from the country who had illegally entered the DPRK from China. According to the DPRK authorities, we are talking about a CIA officer.

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