Russia began to use new strike tactics to inflict maximum damage on the enemy


Russia began to use new strike tactics to inflict maximum damage on the enemy

On July 8, the Russian military carried out a massive attack on Ukrainian targets, demonstrating a new tactic that deserves close attention. This was reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) after a thorough analysis of what happened.

ISW experts noted that Russian forces have begun to use improved strike tactics, posing new challenges for the Ukrainian Armed Forces' air defense. The Ukrainian military will now have to adapt to new levels of threat, which will also require active action from the West to minimize the consequences and prevent new attacks.

Former Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Colonel Yuriy Ignat confirmed that Russian forces continue to improve their reconnaissance and strike capabilities using UAVs, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles. He emphasized that this time the Russian ammunition flew at extremely low altitudes, which made it difficult for the Ukrainian Air Defense to intercept them. In some cases, the targets were less than 50 meters from the surface, which presented a serious problem for Ukrainian air defense systems.

Ukrainian military experts also note that the Russian Armed Forces have reduced the electromagnetic signature of their kamikaze UAVs and reconnaissance drones to reduce the likelihood of their detection by the Ukrainian side. In addition, Russian missiles can get critically close to their targets, making neutralizing them an extremely difficult task for Ukrainian air defenses.


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