Russia sent 10 warships and 2 submarines to the Mediterranean Sea

Russia is preparing for the final battle against terrorists in Syria.

The final battle against terrorists in the Syrian provinces of Latakia, Hama, Idlib and Aleppo could turn into a total defeat for the militants. As it turned out, at the moment in the Mediterranean Sea there are immediately 10 Russian warships and two submarines, which can become a decisive means of victory over militants.

At present, it is known that in the Mediterranean Sea there are three Russian frigates, two submarines, a patrol ship, a reconnaissance vessel of the Russian Navy, a mine ship and several search and rescue ships. The main threat to the terrorists is submarines and three frigates, which are armed with Caliber cruise missiles.

It should be clarified that it was previously assumed that there are much fewer Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore the appearance of two more frigates here may mean that Russia is preparing for a very serious confrontation with militants in the territory of the SAR, especially given the closure of airspace to the north in the west of the Arab Republic, at the same time, it is quite possible to use Caliber cruise missiles, which are quite enough to inflict a crushing defeat on terrorists.

And why not a single analyst voiced this version: In Idlib, tens of thousands of armed trained and experienced fighters. Do they need Turkey in Turkey? I doubt very much. Where to put them? Option one is to dispose of. How? Send a breakthrough, pretend that the Turkish army is helping them. It might even help a little. The Syrian army will interrupt them with the support of Russia. Beauty!!! The problem will be solved

Do Turks really not understand? The NATO Charter provides for the collective protection of a NATO member if he is attacked in his territory. Syria is the territory of Syria. NATO in Syria for Turkey will not fight with Russia.

Turks will not harness! It is not profitable for them to climb into a meat grinder on the FOREIGN land for them. This is already regarded as a violation of the sovereignty and integrity of a foreign state. Here it already smells of open hostilities with Russia, and this is similar for the Turks of death. And not a single Turkish ally will subscribe to rock the shoals of Erdogan on Russia.
Turkey will max out in Idlib, fire rockets, shells ... then honestly grab the lyuley and retreat to its territory. Oh, it’s not profitable for them to lose touch with Russia. Purely in the economic sphere ... and they understand this very well. All of Erdogan’s sketches in Idlib is a public relations campaign for Erdogan’s Sultatna ... The year 2023 is just around the corner and he needs to prove himself and show himself as a great victorious figure.

How small are they? )))

If the Turks break in, there will be the same smashing effect.

did not guess three submarines. 2 small and one large.

for an adversary who has no means of counteraction, this is of course a force, but if the Turks harness themselves, then everything is sad


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