Maria Zakharova


Russia called Israel an occupying country

Zakharova: "The Golan Heights belong to Syria"

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the statement of US President Donald Trump regarding the Golan Heights. The President of the United States authoritatively stated that there is a need to recognize the Golan as a territory covered by Israeli sovereignty.

Zakharova recalled the principled position on the Golan Heights. It will not support the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over them, since this territory belongs to the Syrian Arab Republic.

“The Russian Federation, as you know, takes a principled position on the issue of the ownership of the Golan Heights to the Syrian Arab Republic. This is confirmed by the UN Security Council resolution 497 of 1981. of the basic law in 1981 year "- said Maria Zakharova.

European countries have already criticized Trump for such a decision, which can make serious differences with the political relations between Europe and the United States,