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Russia discovered US fraud in START-3 reports

Russia caught the US in manipulating the "missile reports" START-3

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States could "fit" into the levels provided for by the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3) only because of the incorrect manipulation of numbers.

The ministry is confident that it is impossible to consider the issue of extending the treaty without real arms reductions from the American side. The Russian Foreign Ministry is aggressively proposing to extend START-3, noting that this agreement cannot be an empty formality that can be solved “in a couple of weeks”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that in order to resolve all the difficulties in the current situation, the United States should fulfill its obligations in full. The number of US strategic offensive weapons must meet the criteria of the Treaty.

US Secretary of State for Arms Control Andrea Thompson, on the eleventh of March 2019, reported on the discussions that continue in Washington over the extension of START-3. At the same time in the United States of America began to explore the possibility of creating missiles banned by the INF.

The START-3 Treaty Russia and the United States signed in 2010 year. By virtue he entered 5 on January 2011 of the year. A valid document is up to 2021. It provides for the reduction of nuclear arsenals of the two countries, including, it is a question of ballistic missiles of various types and launchers.