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Russia transferred another military plane to Venezuela

Russian military aircraft again flew to Venezuela

The Reuters news agency, referring to the sites that track the movements of the aircraft and the eyewitness, reported that the aircraft of the Russian Air Force had arrived in Venezuela.

The report said that at the International Airport of Maiquetia, located near the capital of the country, Caracas, Russian IL-62 was noticed, having a tail number RA-86496.

The agency recalls that this board flew to Venezuela in March. At that time, two Russian planes flew into the country, delivering a group of military and some kind of equipment.

The March arrival displeased the leadership of the United States of America. So, March 27 President Donald Trump in his statement emphasized that the Russian military must leave Venezuela. The Organization of American States and Washington were accused of "reckless escalation" of the situation in this Latin American country against Moscow.

The Russian leadership, in response, stressed that the military would be in Venezuela “as long as necessary”, adding that new missions could arrive in the country, as provided for by the existing agreements.

The aggravation of the situation in Venezuela happened on January 23. On that day, against the backdrop of mass protests, parliamentary speaker Juan Guaydo proclaimed himself interim president. By the United States, most EU member states and Latin American countries, Guaydo was recognized as the legitimate head of state. On the support of the current President Nicolas Maduro said Russia and a number of other states.

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