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Russia has delivered to Syria the most "useless" air defense system in the world

The Russian S-300s turned out to be the most useless air defense systems in Syria.

Despite the fact that the Russian S-300 air defense systems were transferred to the Syrian army in order to protect this Arab Republic from any air and missile attacks, experts are forced to admit that today it is the most useless air defense system armed with Syria - in two years it It was never used either to defeat enemy missiles or to destroy planes that regularly strike at Syrian territory, however, analysts have paid attention to the fact that since its inception, this is perhaps the only system EMA defense in the world that has never, for more than 40 years, has not been used in combat.

It should be clarified that since the Syrian S-300 was put on combat duty, these systems have missed at least 15 attacks from Israel, and this also applies to cases when Israeli planes were in the affected area, which raises a lot of questions about whether the S-300s can detect enemy aircraft at distances of several hundred kilometers and effectively destroy them.

“It is very difficult to assume anything, especially after Israel openly violated the promises made to the Russian president, after Tel Aviv ignored Russia's demands. Should I clarify that it is precisely because Israel previously ignored the agreement with Russia and the Russian Il-20 was shot down? ”, - the analyst notes.

Neither the Russian nor the Syrian sides have yet commented on the reasons why the S-300 is not used against aggressively-minded countries, including, we are talking about Turkey, Israel and the United States.

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