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Russia warned NATO, how will any airspace violation end

Russia will shoot down any airplanes that violate the country's airspace.

Various kinds of provocations by NATO and the United States affect the national interests of Russia, in connection with which it was decided without warning to open fire on any military violating aircraft entering Europe’s airspace from Europe. Such a measure would have to be a good way of deterring NATO from any provocations and would provide an opportunity to ensure reliable protection of borders and sovereignty.

The seriousness of such intentions was demonstrated relatively recently, during military exercises in the Baltic States. According to the source, numerous approximations of NATO aircraft to the Russian borders led to the fact that Russian Su-35С fighters took off into the air and, due to the fact that this did not have the desired effect, were fully operational The Triumph S-400 air defense system, an air defense system that is currently one of the most efficient in the world, is also listed.

"In Europe, there are no fools who are thinking of invading Russia, perfectly aware of what this will turn out. Nevertheless, various kinds of provocations are constantly taking place, but Russia has made it clear that any predisposition to this will be immediately stopped and punished ", - marks the military expert

And what will they do? How in SYRIA they wave with a pen, after Loud inflating their cheeks before Trump?

This is about rodents and nevmerylov. Which herds crossed the Russian border with full trousers and dirty as homeless people and asked to eat at the border guards.

"Yes, in the Okhotsk Sea, so far all the brakush do not look at the flags," that is, they used to knock down all the military aircraft over the Okhotsk Sea and now shoot them down?
"and there even prishki prutsya", and over the Baltic Sea, our airspace is just a passing yard and even the peaches into it fly on their SU-22M4K and F-16C?

Go "jump" further, certainly not for more ...

Yes, in the Okhotsk Sea, so far all the brakush are jammed without looking at the flags - and there even the rusks are bent down - and the championship - well, that Mishiko during the Olympics is useful - and the Crimea too - will be shot down and will not look at the ranks and ranks

Well, Well ... shoot down ... and if the accounts are arrested with an honestly looted ??? as an anecdote about the special forces officer-Lazard by alarm-they asked why-he said-Gathered, painted, with all weapons hung around-At the exit he looked in the mirror and. ..assumed ....

"NATO is an alliance created to counter Russia"
NATO was created as a counterweight to the USSR, to the Warsaw Treaty countries and in general to the homegrown in the USA "the terrible specter of communism"
(All of them! ... and invented themselves and are afraid of themselves, in short, "Complex nonsense with self-service").
But the ill luck: SVD long gone, the USSR is not, the "specter of communism" or ceased to be terrible or "dissolved" (in the place with the USSR) ...
This is generally a direct anecdote about the "forgotten partisans" of some kind!

... or it may suddenly be that NATO secretly existed back in the days of the "king of peas" (I mean the Russian Empire). Well, "it explains a lot" ... :)))

But what actually modern Russia is not so pleased?
Does anyone really think that NATO in its modern form would have been created for example in 2015 that year? I think that in fact, all the problems with the "Russian Federation and NATO" simply in the fact that NATO "forgot" (yeah, again, "sclerosis"?) Dissolve at the beginning of 90!

Created under the specific conditions of the "cold war", NATO is completely useless for anything else!
I propose for clarity the slogan in the spirit of Mayakovsky:
in the trash of history
need to throw in! "

Russia will not tolerate. Putin himself said - who will crash, then we'll shoot!

Yes, who will Russia there be, I think it is weak, especially the World Cup

Well, here's a pancake, who made the decision, who said this?


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