Russian fighter


Russia threatened Israel with its fighters in Syria

Russia will "punish" Israel for any provocation in Syria.

Fighter aircraft in Russia were raised in the sky after Israeli warplanes were found near the border of Lebanon and Syria. The high activity of Israeli combat aircraft may indicate preparations for further air strikes, especially since earlier this country made a statement that if Syrian military objects and servicemen are found in Syria, they will be subjected to rocket and air strikes without any warnings .

Earlier, Israel made a number of provocative statements regarding the location of the Russian military command in Russia on the territory of Syria, in particular, in the Israeli press it was reported that Russia started air strikes against the positions of its allies, in particular, we are talking about "Hezbollah", which is on the side of the government troops of Syria, which is not acceptable for Israel, the US and their allies.

According to some reports, Russian fighters were raised in the air around midnight, while any conflict situations were avoided: Israeli combat aircraft did not cross the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic, and Russian aircraft showed no aggression towards the Israeli Air Force.

It should be clarified that there have been no official statements from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this issue, but experts believe that the incident could become a kind of warning to the Israeli Air Force that Syrian airspace continues to be under Russian protection.

They are not allies, partners in interests, there are common goals and there are discrepancies, according to common, agreement, differences, this is as it should be, that is, they themselves will be "doprut" if they can. while the main ally of Russia is the country that called them there, all the other fellow travelers! Israel has interesting moments in the experience of ensuring its own security and it looks like the world media and the governments of the leading countries bypass them with their attention, it's good for Russians to take such an experience!

Israel is so small ... megaton 15 is enough.

And you Kostyan himself then familiar with the "match"?
If so, tell us what kind of trap our Jews prepared. And which pilots on their part participated. For those that do not know. Carefully prepared operation with bait and trap by a group of the most experienced pilots of Israel (having combat experience), against the undoubtedly experienced but no combat experience of the pilots of the USSR, and most of all unsuspecting that they contacted the cunning Jews. For which they were punished. In that situation would merge any pilots. And God forbid that our pilots will have the opportunity to equalize the account, it will not seem very much to anyone (3 world).

Collided in 1970 year. Account - 5: 0 in favor of Israeli pilots. Teach materiel, paskuda anti-Semitic! And tell me, where did the USSR go? At one time he helped the Arabs very much. It was very cool. And he was blown away.

Are you ready to stand in a row and go to the front? Or ready to become domestic in the country?

Are you talking about the cotton comic forces?

Rubicon passed to Caesar when he introduced his legions to Rome. The Hebrews note.

Russia will never hinder the sake of the Arabs to Israel. As long as Russia is ruled by our fellow tribesmen, Russia will continue to build Israel in the south of Ukraine and in the south of Russia if the Khazaria project does not develop in the Crimea and Novorossia. So calm down and accept the reality of such , what it is and will be.

The Jews approached Rubicon, but so far they have not crossed. I hope not to cross

Well, finally, it's high time that these Jews are given their place. It is enough for Russian pilots to go into the air, and there is no need to threaten, they will disappear. They never faced the enemy even half as equal to themselves, capable only of peaceful shoot.

Iran and Turkey are forced allies of Russia. When it is profitable for them, they will betray them. The Turks were already knocking down our plane. Now Russia needs to squeeze out these "friends" from Syria. Then it will be possible to put Israel in its place. Jews will have nothing to justify their raids on Syria.

God grant that the truth of the Jews slowed down, we will see


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