Russia versus Turkey in Syria: only charred scrap metal left from Turkish tanks

Russia successfully bombed new Turkish tanks.

Two next huge convoys with armored vehicles were attacked by Russian combat aircraft immediately after crossing the Turkish-Syrian border. The convoys which included the M60 and Leopard tanks after a large-scale bombing of the Russian airborne forces turned into burnt scrap metal without ever taking part in the battle, barely passing into the hands of terrorists.

According to sources, Russian military aircraft are actively destroying Turkish military convoys as soon as the latter illegally cross the Syrian border, while the vast majority of attacks are delivered from a safe distance for Russian aviation.

It is reported that there are no Turkish military in these columns - the equipment is handed over to al-Qaeda terrorists (a terrorist group banned in Russia - approx. Ed.) Either on the territory of Turkey or on the Syrian-Turkish border, and only therefore the Turkish troops manage to avoid powerful strikes of the Russian air forces.

It should be clarified that the Syrian military aviation is also actively involved in attacking Turkish military convoys, however, if earlier helicopters were used for these purposes, then the Syrian air force is forced to resort to the use of military aircraft.

According to sources in the SAA, which is partially confirmed by various photo and video materials, in just one week, about 100 units of Turkish military equipment were destroyed, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, multiple launch rocket systems, etc.

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