Russia will know about the US nuclear strike in just a few moments.

Russia does not have an effective nuclear strike warning system.

As follows from the data presented by Russian experts, today the effectiveness of the domestic early warning system for a nuclear missile strike leaves much to be desired. In fact, analysts point to the fact that it will be possible to find out about the US nuclear strike only a few seconds before it, which minimizes the chances of its successful reflection.

At the moment, Russia is trying to improve the operation of an early warning system for a nuclear strike, as was told in an interview with RIA Novosti by the Deputy Director of the Department of Navigation Space Systems of Roscosmos Valery Zaichko. We are talking mainly about the expansion of the satellite group of remote sensing of the Earth using the spacecraft Resurs-P and Resurs-PM.

It should be clarified that until now this problem has not received much coverage, especially since relatively recently, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the capabilities of the Russian systems and air defense and missile defense systems are enough to repel missile attacks. According to analysts, this problem became more acute after Washington declared its readiness to withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles.

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