Plane IL-20 VKS


Russia again risks IL-20 aircraft flying over militant territories

A Russian electronic surveillance aircraft was spotted at a low altitude over Idlib.

Last Thursday, over the Syrian province of Idlib, a Russian electronic reconnaissance aircraft IL-20 was seen, which flew at an altitude of several thousand meters, which analysts estimate, seriously risked, since the Syrian opposition, militants and terrorists are present in man-portable air defense systems and mobile anti-aircraft installations, that in view of two past month of attacks on the Khmeimim airbase, points to the aggressiveness of their actions towards Russia.

The exact reasons for the flight of the Russian IL-20 over the Syrian province of Idlib remain unknown, but, according to the Lebanese edition of Al Masdar News, the aircraft monitored the situation, although a few days ago the militants in the central part of the province made a statement about an offensive operation by Syrian government forces, which may indicate preparations for a Russian VKS attack.

It should be clarified that last week Russian unmanned aerial vehicles were also noticed in the airspace of the Syrian province of Idlib.


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