Russia will arm US adversaries in response to sanctions

The United States of America can regret the new sanctions against Russia.

Information that 22 August, the United States of America will introduce new sanctions against Russia has become one of the topics discussed throughout the world. Western analysts believe that this will permanently bury the Russian economy, but independent analysts believe that Russia is preparing a rather powerful retaliatory strike, which will definitely affect the national interests of the United States.

According to military experts, US sanctions may lead to Russia beginning to supply its modern weapons to countries such as Iran, North Korea and Syria, which, in fact, are opponents of official Washington. The emergence of the same S-400 and Su-35 fighter jets in the arsenal of Iran will create a very big problem for the United States, and arming the Syrian army with modern air defense systems, Washington will clearly lose its positions in the Middle East, not to mention that after the rearmament of the DPRK, the US position in Asia is also significantly weakened.

“The United States considers Iran to be quite a strong country. Imagine what would happen if modern fighters, air defense systems and missile defense systems, electronic warfare, etc. appear in its arsenal. The appearance of the same C-300 complexes in Syria will obviously create a lot of problems for the whole region, not to mention the fact that this country can buy much more promising Russian weapons ", - the expert marks.

On the other hand, analysts still have a lot of questions about whether these countries will want to acquire more modern Russian weapons, and if the situation with Iran remains more or less clear, there is a lot of doubt around Syria and the DPRK.

On my land I'm not afraid to die, but they should think about where they are going and whether they will be able to return, if there is ...

Iran must be armed then they will show Israel where their place on this earth

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Shakhnazarov told me that in the cellars of Koenigsberg for a long time the field of the official surrender of von Lyash was opposed by the SS, his father had to burn them together with other flamethrowers, everything happened ...

completely agree, he himself served on the Tajik-Afghan border 1991-1994 201-I MSD 7-I POGZ dvb 7-rota.v 1992 personally personally in the territory of Afghanistan near the village of sherry destroyed a group of mercenaries from the US 42 people and about 200 spirits with them. Us 16 chechen recon group are all alive.

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then that the inflamed brain of US senators can bring America to death is already an axiom. Russia does not need world domination. Live peacefully honestly. And there will be happiness for you.

An interesting fact, during excavations, found that in the fortresses of Russian and foreign soldiers a significant difference. When the question of defense arose when guns appeared, fortresses began to make underground shelters in our fortresses. In the western structures there were no shelters. This is due to the fact that the Russian soldiers at the end of the shelling came to the surface and continued to fight because of a sense of patriotism and love for the Motherland. Western troops consisted of soldiers on a commercial basis and expel them from the basement and make it impossible to continue fighting.


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Russia will never cease to exist as a USSR, Russia is not a republic of republics attached to ever, it's a bone, proceed from the realities

Syria was never a US sphere of influence, this country was strongly influenced by France and the USSR. Supplies of Russian (Soviet) weapons to these countries will cause such counteraction to the West that Russia will cease to exist just like the USSR, Only the inflamed brain of Russian rulers who they imagined themselves as rulers of the world, could lead to a real war

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When the "freeloaders" ceased to supply weapons, they themselves collapsed in both the theriogial and the economic sense. Now we are feeding a bunch of powerful oligarchs, who still plans to make us work until death, according to the ideas of the notorious pension reform

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Pindosam this course of problems, of course, will create, but ours will not decide - again, whether we will supply weapons to all? I remember that the supply of various freeloaders was not helped by the USSR either ...

Talk about this in advance is not rational. This should be done without advertising. So we were taught in the period of confrontation.

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