Russia intercepts GLSDB precision-guided munition for the first time

The Russian military intercepted GLSDB missiles for the first time in history.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Russian air defense systems were able to successfully intercept the American GLSDB munition, which is a gliding bomb mounted on a rocket booster and launched using HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. The maximum range of destruction of land and sea targets by these missiles is from 140 to 170 kilometers. At the same time, the ammunition itself is difficult to intercept due to the complex flight path. However, the Russian military managed to successfully hit such a munition, which, if it hit the target, could lead to colossal destruction.

“Air defense systems intercepted eighteen HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and one GLSDB guided missile during the day”, - said in the message of the Ministry of Defense.

No details are provided in this regard. However, this is the first official statement regarding the use of such weapons by Ukrainian troops, which, due to their range and high destructive power, poses a serious threat.

According to various sources, Ukraine received from the West up to 500 GLSDB missiles, which, given the range of the latter, creates an extremely serious threat.


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