Russian Airline


"Russian" delayed flights Larnaca - Saint Petersburg on 8 hours

Passengers of the airline "Russia" complain about the long delay flight Larnaca - Saint Petersburg.

According to news agency obtained from direct domestic passenger carrier, aircraft performing a flight from Larnaca to St Petersburg, was about three hours in the air, according to some sources burning fuel, and then again returned to Larnaca airport.

Initial flight of the aircraft of airline "Russia" was held in 12 hours 20 Moscow time, at the same time, after the return of the aircraft at Larnaca airport, representatives of the national airline said that the flight was assigned to 23 hours, which amounted to more than 8-hour delay .

19 July 2016 in 23-00 I was supposed to fly from Larnaka airport to Vnukovo, to Moscow by 5718 flight. The carrier is a / c "Russia". After passing through passport control, our tortures began. The flight was postponed constantly for an indefinite time, nobody explained the reason. They could not get through to the representatives of the company, the tour operator "Biblio Globus". Tired all night, who is on the floor, who on the benches until the morning and were forced to block the gate to other passengers to pay attention to our problem. We were summoned to the police, did not give the opportunity to shoot what is happening on the video. And only after a loud scandal they decided to send us, while the airport employees told us to collect all the passengers of our flight by themselves, since there is nobody to declare in Russian on the speakerphone. In 9-30 20.07.2016. We were sent from Larnaka to Moscow. To fly by plane it is necessary often, I will try to avoid a / to "Russia".