Rocket Point-U


Russia recorded launches of Ukrainian long-range tactical missiles

The Russian military recorded launches of Ukrainian missiles near their borders.

It is known that not far from the borders of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian military launched the launch of tactical missiles. At the moment, it is known that we are talking about missiles of tactical complexes "Tochka-U", which are located in the Donbas, which in turn represents a potential danger to Russia.

Information about this was confirmed by the Ukrainian military.

“The firing range of such a missile system is 120 kilometers. However, recently conducted training in one of the rocket divisions, which is part of the United Forces, proved that there is nothing impossible for Ukrainian rocket engineers: they are able to quickly go to the designated area, turn around in combat order and launch missiles at targets. So far - conditional, but if necessary, the missiles will fly into real targets, because the Combined Forces are covered with a reliable missile shield. ”- stated in the headquarters of the United Forces.

Experts, in turn, note that the appearance of Donch-U tactical missile systems in the Donbas may indicate a new round of conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Clear. It was better to surrender Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad and everything else, but to remain alive. Commentator from the Makarevich cohort, Zilbertrudov, Anal and other Gozmanov. It seems to me that it is better to send such to the forefathers, and the Crimea will remain with Russia!

The opinion of the cowardly, vile little man!

I'm afraid that you really have no such choice.
Even if we give up the Crimea, Kaliningrad and Siberia with the Far East, you will most likely die ...

If you want Peace, get ready for war. And the Crimea has nothing to do with it.

If the Crimea went to the Americans or NATO, the chances of “going to heaven to us” would have increased many times. Whoever does not understand this, then does not understand at all what is happening in the world.

"long-range tactical missiles". This is something new in the generally accepted qualifications of missiles. Only here the rockets for these complexes were made in the times of the USSR. The term of technical suitability of these rockets has long expired. Shooting such missiles is dangerous for the lives of the shooters themselves.

Putin spoke; We will all die and go to PARADISE, and they just die like that. "And I think so; It’s better to stay alive without the Crimea than to be dead with the Crimea." Here I, like A. Macedonian, unleashed the Gordian knot. Our political analysts in "60 MINUTES" pr. Speak and argue about nonsense. The main thing we need to save the lives of our citizens, and not allow war. Putin, to our dead, all citizens, has reserved a place on HEAVEN in RAY. I think it would be better to stay alive on our planet on Earth than to be in HEAVEN ON HEAVEN.

You do not consider your losses there, because for people do not think. But, in general, it’s time to stop smoking any kind of schmal, otherwise it’s not as good as that.

It is necessary to help're coming out in this noble cause. Send 15 matchboxes.

But there was evidence of large losses of Russian mercenaries.

Something quite a while I have not heard about the fires in the Ukrainian ammunition depots ...

Well, it is necessary to shoot down once again and say that the meteorite exploded or that the missiles they have defective