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Russians outraged Putin's words on the use of nuclear weapons

Vladimir Putin’s statement about nuclear weapons and martyrs outraged users of the Network.

On the eve of the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement that Russia is not considering the possibility of a preemptive nuclear strike, stressing the fact that the aggressor will be retaliated only after the enemy has manifested itself. Against this background, Web users spoke sharply against the Russian president, stressing that they did not want to become victims because of political games.

“When we see that the attack is on Russia, only after that we strike back. Of course, this is a catastrophe, but we cannot be the initiators of this catastrophe. It was about whether we are ready, whether I am ready to use the weapons at our disposal, including weapons of mass destruction, to protect my interests. I remind you what I said, and I said, that in our concept of the use of nuclear weapons there is no preventive strike. We cannot be the initiators of this catastrophe, because we do not have a preemptive strike. Yes, in this situation, we kind of expect that they will use nuclear weapons against us, without doing anything, as it were, ”- said the Russian president at the Valdai forum.

Users of the social network "Vkontakte" stated that they do not want to become a "litmus test" only to make sure that Russia was really attacked.

“It is very convenient for Putin to talk about who will be a martyr and who will die. We all understand that a nuclear strike on Russia is dozens and hundreds of missiles, the victims of which will be dozens, if not hundreds, of millions. According to the president, some Russians need to die only in order for the retaliatory strike to be a reasoned decision. This <censorship> political game "

“It is strange that Putin argues on this issue if, in his words, today Russia is reliably protected from any attacks from land, sea, air and even space”

“He’s either stupid or doesn’t understand that the retaliatory strike might not be done anymore”

According to the absolute majority of web users, today it is necessary to develop types of defensive, rather than offensive weapons, which will help to avoid even the potential likelihood that Russia will be attacked.


Putin will rule us not only on Earth, but also in paradise!
Putin will rule us forever!
Putin is our king and god!
Victory will be ours!!!


The 1735 warheads of various capacities are in service with Russia and on combat duty, and the 1654 warheads are in service with the United States and also on duty. The total capacity of the Russian arsenal is estimated to be based on open press data, 755,5 megatons. It would seem to be a tremendous power, although much inferior to the arsenals of the Cold War era. However, if we calculate the approximate lesion area calculated using the high-explosive formula for each type of nuclear warhead, then the total Russian arsenal could hit 23309 square. km square. The total area occupied by NATO member countries is 24,2 million square meters. km Thus, Russian nuclear weapons can hit 0,09% of this territory. If all Russian nuclear weapons were used against a country with a comparable area, for example Slovenia (20,5 thousand sq. Km), then life in this country would definitely stop. But even the majority of European countries are too large for the entire Russian nuclear strike to erase them into radioactive dust.
The situation with the American arsenal is similar. If we take the average power of the warhead in 475 kilotons (the US does not publish more accurate data on the composition and power of its arsenal), then the US warheads can hit 22825 square. km This is 0,13% of the territory of Russia, which is 17,1 million square meters.

Embittered chmoshnik die out, who have nothing more to prejudge.

Entirely and completely agree. The West asked for a conversation from a position of strength.

That's right, he said! We will only strike back and thereby show the rest of the world what we can do, including the whole world will know who started first and go against them! There is no one here who first hit and won, here who hit first he set himself up in front of his allies and eventually lost!

what did Putin take away from you?

And will he - retaliation? It might not be.
Maybe Putin’s bunker has long been ready ...

There is likely a different meaning. Forcing the situation to sanctions and any other hysteria makes you think to what extent this will all continue. It feels like they won't breathe soon. And what, it will end ...

The Russians have long been ... martyrs in our government, it robs and smiles ... but the people are dying out and he is not up to smiles ... forgive debts to others, and we pick our people so much how to die ..

I do not resent! Outraged only that the traitors liberals still at liberty!

the golden words of the President should be formalized at all checkpoints of the Russian border outside and take the credit with the evaluation of all Nika Isaevs, Gozmans, Ammuneishek, and other representatives of the liberal sodom.

Yeah, they hit us, but we can't do it. Isaev, Gozman, Makarevich, and shaggy Venediktov are probably perturbed. In 50, Khrushchev threatened Kuzkin's mother and almost 70 for years they sniffled holes in 2. Let them think.

you need to drop the dollar to 30 rubles as it was in 2013, and everyone will be on the runway in 2,5 will confidently take the 3 line in the world with 4 trillion. $ WFP pensioners 500 bucks will get doctors 5000 (with a salary in 100 000 rubles) hard workers about a thousand and everything will be nishtyak but. TO US, THE HOLORS NEVER WILL ALLOW TO LIVE WELL. will always find a way to take money from us. IS ALWAYS

Heavy ICBMs are aimed at eliminating the country of the aggressor ... And Putin meant - that in the event of an update of a rocket attack on Russia - an ICBM or enemy cruise missiles - the means of upgrading them will detect and instantly hit by a heavy ICBM and ICBM based mobile and strategic nuclear submarines .. However, the use of cruise missiles with nuclear warheads can be applied to multi-purpose airborne groups or military objects (troop congestion, airfields, enemy fleet bases) in the event of an actual attack by the enemy without weapons, if this attack really threatens security ... Putin did not say that ... But such attacks would be in the event of a large-scale attack by the enemy ...

Nuclear weapons are a deterrence weapon ... The fear of annihilation holds back the crazy insanity of the enemies of Russia ...

Let them read about the system Perimeter aka Dead Hand and stop worrying. Even if we all die, our opponent will receive in full.

Defensive strategy, initially losing. Learn mat.part. Start digging dugouts.

Do not lie! In Putin’s words, I was not disturbed by anything! On the contrary, I fully support!

Blame Putin V.V. can only scorched, internal traitors RUSSIA.

Surely in their children over the hill pulnut?

Brother, no offense, but which of them is an elephant, and who is a dog?

and what is wrong with the answers of Putin? he is right, we are not the first to start, but we will finish !!!!!

you need to be treated, Vasya

Americans need to know if they start fighting from the territory of Ukraine, in any case, long-range missiles will arrive in the US, Putin’s response reminded those who have forgotten - there will be no winner in the third world war, the battle for paradise has begun, Russia is first

What did he have to say that we were the first to strike a preemptive strike? Then these "outraged" would be happy? What only and who is not in the world!

No matter what Putin says, his words will certainly turn all sorts of clever people who have never done anything useful themselves.

Bad you Nemtsov know. He was our governor and do not like him

Nemtsov was right about him ... Just one word.

He didn’t say that, you said it, so you’ll GO!

Putin said everything very precisely-we will not be the first to deliver a global blow. If our early warning systems report a global nuclear strike that has begun against us, then we will not hesitate for the sake of "pity for the rest of the world" in delivering a crushing counter blow. Will the world die from a general nuclear strike? Well, it means that it will perish, those who were first attacked will be innocent victims and go to heaven together with the innocent citizens of the countries of the aggressors. He said everything is absolutely correct. And some kind of “gradlane in VK” carry some nonsense about “litmus test” and some of their reluctance ... If the aggressor strikes, he will not ask THEIR desire, therefore Putin only has the 2 option - or pity the rest peace and leave it to breed, not responding, or deliver a crushing final retaliatory strike. He answered clearly - We do not need such a world in which there will be no us (Russia) and I would not hesitate to order to deliver a retaliatory, destructive blow. Which again does not like some hamsters in HIS position, do you have to regret the world of the aggressor?

The words about “they will simply die” infuriated those stupid Paskodes who dream of a liberal moralizing nuclear strike in Russia, but I really would not want to die

It would be nice for hubs to have the same amount of real data as GDP, and only then to teach it in these matters. This is not to mention the fact that all large settlements in the event of a nuclear war will at least not be suitable for life.

Putin going to heaven? Come on