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Russians began to fly more often to Kazakhstan

Russian citizens were more likely to fly to Kazakhstan and rare in Western Europe.

Information about this was presented the day before, and, on the basis of it, it became known that at the beginning of the current year the number of passengers flying from Russia to Kazakhstan increased by 9.7%, while the number of passengers on international flights to Western Europe decreased by almost 15 %

Information on this subject is rather averaged, since it was not possible to specify the data of far from all air carriers, but only a part of them. Nevertheless, trends very effectively show how it is to develop route networks for Russian air carriers, moreover, it is worth noting that transportation for Russian airlines to Kazakhstan will be much cheaper than to European countries.

At the moment, only one flight from Tomsk to Astana is known, which will be due this year for the convenience of passengers, but it is possible that other airlines will also enter the passenger transportation market between Kazakhstan and Russia, which also intend to develop their itineraries.