Russian 152-mm howitzer Msta-B with the most accurate hit destroyed the Turkish armored personnel carrier

Russia launched heavy 152-mm artillery.

Delivered to Syria a few weeks ago, Russian heavy 152 mm. howitzer Msta-B brought down their power on the Turkish troops and terrorists controlled by them. One of the pictures published from the place of direct entry into the Turkish armored car clearly demonstrates that the latter not only turned into a pile of scrap metal, but also an incredible funnel remained in its place, which indicates the ability of Russia and Syria to smash the positions of militants even without using funds combat aircraft.

Experts note that Msta-B heavy field howitzers are an effective way to “smoke” fighters from controlled territories. What kind of armored car is in question is not reported.

"152 mm. the shells are capable of effectively destroying both the militants 'shelters and the enemy’s equipment, and at ranges of up to 30 kilometers, such artillery can not only frustrate the militants' plans to launch a counterattack, but also inflict a devastating defeat even without close fire contact. ”, - the expert marks.

However, analysts also drew attention to the fact that one of the photographs shows a member of the so-called White Helmets organization, whose close work with militants suggests that all provocations carried out by terrorists are carefully worked out with White Helmets ".


If it was a funnel from getting ammunition, there would be no bushes and trees nearby.

Well, maybe in the conveyor the ammunition exploded? And so the funnel is too big.

White helmets changed the subject

He served, but you don’t know ... this was an excavation projectile! )

This is "Point"

It’s complete nonsense, this funnel is not from a 152mm projectile, well, unless it was not a nuclear tactical one, but then it would have been a completely different story ...

Indeed, the pit is too large for a funnel from a special artillery shell weighing under 44 kg. Yes, and the external signs show that they were earthworks and not even a funnel from the explosion of any kind of ammunition at all. In any case, the armored personnel carrier itself should have remained

He himself served in the USSR on the "Acacia", to be exact caliber 152.4 mm. There have never been such foundation pits !!! Another tale.

Lies - I, as an artilleryman, declare that a 152 mm shell is not capable of creating such a funnel

Conventional land work is underway, is a worker in overalls and a white helmet, what does an armored personnel carrier have to do with it? Maybe you posted the wrong photo?

not even funny, this funnel is from 500 kg. the bombs. What funnels from howitzers. Half a meter deep

This is about nothing. Here's how your country Debaltseve is bombing, there are holes and then more


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