The Russian army knocks out the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the vicinity of Artemovsk, leveling the front line

According to sources, there is now an intensification of hostilities by Russian troops on the flanks near Artemovsk. The units of the RF Armed Forces are actively attacking the villages of Khromovo and Ivanovskoye, through which key roads that are strategically important for the Armed Forces of Ukraine pass.

According to representatives of Ukrainian intelligence, after the transfer of reinforcements to these areas, Russian units began active assault operations. The troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in turn, are advancing on Khromovo from two directions - along the forest belt and through the forest plantation.

Active support for the attack aircraft of the Russian side is provided by aviation and artillery. In parallel with this, artillery units strike at the positions of the Ukrainian army in the area of ​​​​the settlements of Vasyukovka, Ozaryanovka, Orekhovo-Vasilyevka, Markovo, Grigorovka, Stupochki, Konstantinovka, Toretsk, Severnoye, Yuzhnoye and New York.

It is worth noting that the situation on the flanks in the Artyomovsk region worsened at the very moment when the Wagner PMC units were completing the liberation of the city. In response, the Ukrainian fighters launched a counterattack, which forced the Russian side to take more advantageous positions.

After the Russian military levels the front line, it is likely that a new stage of a major offensive will begin to completely liberate the DPR.


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