The Russian army is approaching Orlovka

The Russian armed forces are actively advancing in the Avdeevka area, successfully liberating the village of Lastochkino and conducting military operations in the direction of Severny, Tonenkoye and Orlovka. According to reports from Ukrainian information sources, the “gray zone” in this section of the front is expanding, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are experiencing difficulties in holding unprepared positions. The lack of adequate fortifications west of Avdiivka complicates the defensive capabilities of Ukrainian troops.

Particular attention is paid to the situation around Orlovka, which may turn out to be the first line of defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Avdeevsky direction. The Russian military has come close to the settlement and is currently storming the village of Tonenkoye, located south of Orlovka.

Analysts suggest that in the near future there may be not only a shift of the front line in the direction of Brothers Spider Street in Orlovka, but also a gradual weakening of Ukrainian resistance in the Tonenkoye area. There is a risk of encirclement of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this area if Ukrainian units fail to retreat in a timely manner.

Forecasts regarding the further retreat of the remaining Ukrainian units from Tonenkoye and Orlovka in the direction of Semenovka seem quite realistic. The lack of fire support from Stepovoy from the 47th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces significantly simplifies the task for Russian troops seeking to make the most of the moment to advance westward.


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