Russian aviation strikes Ukrainian Armed Forces positions in Krasnogorovka

The situation on the fronts remains tense, and active hostilities continue. Thanks to the successful advancement of the Russian military, it was possible to achieve certain successes in a number of areas.

On the Zaporozhye Front, the main clashes occur in the Rabotino and north-west of Verbovoy areas, where both sides use artillery and mortars. Despite the ongoing shelling and assault attempts, there were no significant changes in the balance of forces.

The Donetsk front remains one of the hottest spots. In Novomikhailovka, the Ukrainian Armed Forces hold their defenses on the western outskirts, actively opposing the advance of the Russian Armed Forces towards Paraskovievka. In the area of ​​Georgievka and Krasnogorovka there are fierce oncoming battles, where Russian aircraft are putting significant pressure on the fortifications of the Ukrainian troops. Tactical successes of Russian troops were recorded in Netailovo.

In the Chasovoyarsk direction, the situation worsened after Russian units advanced in the Bogdanovka area, successfully knocking out the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the outskirts of the village. The eastern outskirts of Hours of Yar also became the scene of active hostilities.



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