VCS of Russia in Syria


Russian aircraft repulsed a large-scale attack of terrorists in Syria

The large formation of terrorists was completely defeated by Russian combat aircraft.

Attempts by terrorists to break through to the Syrian Palmyra ended very badly for the militants who fell under the massive air strikes of the Russian military security services. Despite the fact that the militants used pick-up trucks and lightly armored vehicles, in hopes of quickly moving their forces to Palmyra, Russian combat aviation almost completely destroyed the formation, consisting of several hundred people and units of equipment, inflicting a crushing defeat on the enemy.

"The terrorists tried to break through to Palmyra, but they ran into government forces, trying to step into the clash with which they were under the blows of Russian military security services. Massed air strikes practically did not leave the chances of rescuing terrorists ", - the official report says.

At the moment, it is known that, along with the destroyed fighters and their equipment, containers with poisonous substances were found, according to preliminary data, it is a matter of chlorine, which could be used to organize regular provocations, as previously reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to some information, the US military, who moved with the militants, also came under the blows of the Russian VKS, but so far there is no evidence of this data.

For exactly what purpose the militants intended to occupy Palmira, for the time being it remains unknown, but, obviously, this was due to the need to take control of the central part of Syria.

Experts believe that due to serious losses among the militants, in the near future the Syrian government troops will launch a major offensive on the abandoned positions, which will allow them to recapture a rather large region of the Arab Republic from terrorists.

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