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Russian aviation bombed a huge convoy with Turkish tanks. Video

Russian bombers hit a convoy with Turkish tanks.

A few hours ago, Russian Su-24 front-line bombers launched a powerful bombing attack on a convoy of Turkish tanks traveling to the area of ​​Al-Bara settlement, not far from the CAA positions. Data on the losses of Turkey and pro-Turkish terrorists has not yet been announced, however, given the powerful air strike, experts believe that the losses can be very large.

On the presented video frames, you can see that at least two ammunition fell in the area of ​​movement of the Turkish military convoy with tanks. According to a number of assumptions, high-explosive bombs were used, which does not exclude the version that, in addition to causing damage to Turkish tanks, Russian military aircraft could try to cut off roads from the front line, and thereby disrupt an unexpected attack by Turkish forces.

Neither the Russian nor the Turkish sides have yet commented on the information about the air strike on the Turkish tank convoy, however, a number of sources also report that at about the same time, Russian military aircraft attacked the Turkish checkpoint in the southern part of the province Idlib, from where Turkish forces tried to attack the position of the SAA.

Considering the situation continues to escalate, experts believe that in the near future a full-scale military conflict is very likely, into which Syria, Turkey and Russia can be drawn.

The comment from the cycle "no matter what is done, everything for the worse" from the authors of the resource "everything is gone." After all, obviously!

Well, sit in your toilet and do not get out of it, while others will draw a world map according to their patterns.

They won’t leave Russia alone. Georgia will attack Georgia, then Syria will attack Syria. That Ukraine to Ukraine ..
In our country, by the way, one third of schools are not equipped with warm toilets - only street ones. We have children treated with money collected by SMS. Meanwhile, Chubais boastfully declares that he has "a lot of money. Well, a lot is direct."

Excellent! But more often, they even pushed themselves into Syria without Assad’s consent and steal the wealth of the Syrian people.

Article paragraph of a deliberate agreement with China?

Turkey is a member of NATO, perhaps these are actions coordinated with the alliance. The theater of action is the Middle East. On the borders adjacent to the west, on its territory, it is convenient for us to resist, and for the west it is fraught with serious consequences. Here in Syria it is the other way around. If there are direct large-scale actions of Russia against the alliance in the east, it will grow into a third world war. The United States is behind it all. For nothing, they have concentrated enormous power along our borders and plan to conduct exercises not seen in their scale. it’s not a doctrine anymore. They abandoned our main ally China, this strong virus, so that China would be busy with its serious problems. Until the summer, military confrontation will be maximized in the east, and in summer when the roads dry out, it’s quite possible oh, they will untwist along our borders. The United States will either unleash a war and draw everyone into it or merge to the fullest.

And where is the "huge convoy"? Why instead of it some 2 sheds? And why did the sound of the planes put on this fake video?


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