Aircraft MS-21


Russian aviation sphere is ready to provide decent import substitution

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the country was fully prepared to provide import substitution in the aircraft industry.

Currently, according to the aviation portal, domestic air carriers use only about 20% of Soviet and Russian aircraft, while the remaining 80% are foreign-made aircraft, which of course leads to the fact that airlines suffer losses due to instability of the ruble exchange rate and growing leasing payments. At present, the situation has already begun to change - Russian aircraft operators are seriously concerned about the issue of acquiring domestic passenger aircraft in exchange for foreign airliners, since with almost equal flight performance, Russian aircraft are simpler to maintain and are relatively cheaper to purchase.

Commissioned as early as next year Yak-242 (MS-21)planned for mass release IL-114 And now existing SJS-100 should help Russian airlines increase their potential and increase their profits. In addition, it is expected that domestic airliners will be of interest to carriers of other countries, which in turn will expand the scope of domestic aircraft manufacturing.