Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Ukrainian drone operator blew himself up with his own drone

The Rossiyskaya Gazeta publication reported an unusual incident involving the death of a Ukrainian drone operator. It is alleged that a Ukrainian fighter accidentally blew himself up while practicing control of a drone while outside the combat zone. Footage shared via social media showed a UAV operator resting in a position and training by dropping an unspecified object into an upside-down helmet, which ended in an explosion.

However, it later turned out that the published video was a montage. According to the source, the last frames of the video were previously used in other Internet videos, including on the social network Reddit, which raised doubts about the authenticity and veracity of the information.

Later it turned out that the footage was edited by the Ukrainian military themselves in order to create disinformation and distributed through social networks and instant messengers, however, the purpose of this remains unknown.


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