The Russian group "Vostok" repulsed the Ukrainian attempt of reconnaissance in force

The grouping of troops "Vostok" thwarted an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct reconnaissance in force.

Ukrainian troops attempted to conduct reconnaissance in force in the South-Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, with the aim, probably, of a subsequent counter-offensive in this direction of the front line. Nevertheless, thanks to the prompt actions of the Russian troops, it was possible to completely disrupt the steps taken by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, destroying equipment and about 30 Ukrainian servicemen. Information on this subject was voiced by the head of the press center of the Vostok group of troops, Alexander Gordeev.

“In the South-Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok group stopped an attempt to conduct reconnaissance in force of the forward positions of our troops. More than 30 nationalists were killed by motorized rifle units with the support of artillery”- said Alexander Gordeev.

Among other things, it is known that the Russian military also managed to disrupt reconnaissance using unmanned aerial vehicles. Thanks to the work of Russian units, three Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were successfully hit.

The activation of Ukrainian troops in these directions indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can really carry out the preparation of the offensive, which was previously reported, however, so far no such steps have been recorded.



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