Russian submarine with cruise missiles "Caliber", emerged in the Bosphorus. Video

The unexpected appearance of the Russian submarine Krasnodar in the Bosporus was a surprise for NATO.

A few hours ago, the resource turned out to be a video recording of the appearance in the Bosporus of the Russian submarine Krasnodar, which was moving from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The appearance here of a submarine equipped, by the way, with the Caliber cruise missiles, came as a complete surprise to NATO, since, according to the Montreux Convention, the crossing of the Bosphorus with submarines is possible only when repairs are necessary.

It is reported that the current location of the Russian submarine "Krasnodar" remains unknown, however, as experts note, a logical explanation is the march of the submarine to the Syrian coast, where, among other things, it is possible to use standard weapons Idlib.

According to some reports, during the movement across the Black Sea, the submarine Krasnodar was accompanied by Russian military aircraft.

At the moment, there have been no official comments on this issue from the Russian Defense Ministry, but NATO has already been announced that Russia is concentrating its navy in the Mediterranean, which creates a great potential threat.

It should be clarified that in the middle of 2017, the submarine carried out launches of the Caliber cruise missiles from the underwater position at the shelters of the IG militants during the operation of the Russian troops in Syria.

In the photo - Boreas, with ballistic missiles.

Passing through the Bosphorus may be a surprise only for propaganda, Turkey has been a member of NATO since its inception, it has been notified.
For whom is this nonsense designed for miscarriages of the USE?

Submariners drink to ensure that the number of ascents was equal to the number of dives and nothing else. And the pilots on the contrary, so that the number of landings equals the number of takeoffs!

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Article 12

The coastal powers to the Black Sea will have the right to navigate through the Straits, in order to return to their base, their submarines built or bought outside this sea, if Turkey has been notified in advance of the tab or purchase.

Submarines belonging to these Powers can likewise pass through the Straits for repair at shipyards located outside this sea, provided that accurate data on this matter will be given to Turkey.

In either case, the submarines will have to swim during the day and, moreover, on the surface and pass through the Straits alone.

So let's move our glasses for the number of dives, equal to the number of ascents!

Alexey, do not rush to the statement about the free (with notification) passage of our submarines through the Bosphorus. By the way, in the 70-x boats came to the Mediterranean, with the Federation Council, through Gibraltar, including in the "combat" October 1973. At the time of the Black Sea Fleet, there were no submarines of the 641 Ave. (before 1984), and there was only one CEZ of the 613 AO (C-96) with the Black Sea Fleet. On vacation, we were sent to the NK (PRTB) through the Bosphorus to the Crimea on the crew of the submarine submarine. The author is right, our boats can go through the Bosphorus only for repairs, or as a single permit by agreement with the Turks.

Ordinary planned campaign, good luck to them and a safe return home.


Only in this way and nothing else!

Why, when you read BRED a man who did not serve on the submarine, did not pass the straits, there is never the author's last name. For the author, I report that submarines based in the Black Sea have the right to pass through the straits when submitting a notice, so there are no surprises for the Turks and NATO. The boats pass only in the surface position and having come to the point before the strait, they submit a request for permission to pass.

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Thank you, colleague!

Yes, all NATO understand. Also understand that they are losing control in Europe, and therefore they are furious to keep at least the Asian archipelagoes in fear ... but that does not work.

The United States (NATO) thinks that only they can appear in the Bosphorus and even more so destroyers with Tomahawks in 80 pcs. and not one ship-time when Russia was silent gone.

Thank you guys for your support!

And here is the unexpected, with which NATO and congratulations!

It is high time for NATO to understand that Russia is not going to ask permissions what to do and where our submarines will go! It's time for them to think about their fate.

The Bosphorus was held on the surface, so Nata splashed saliva in vain ..

Do not mislead people. Boats calmly walk through the strait with a notification. It is forbidden to pass with atomic. forces installation. I know what I'm talking about. The submariner himself (B- 641, etc.) and walked through the strait back in 70 x

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