Exploded tank


Russian rocket tore off turret from turkish tank

A Russian anti-tank missile demolished a turret near a Turkish tank in the Nairab area.

Another unsuccessful attempt by the Turkish forces to attack the position of the Syrian forces in the province of Idlib ended in the defeat of the Turkish military and pro-Turkish militants. Trying to be the first to attack, the Turkish tank was able to approach the positions of the SAA only a few kilometers away, as it was instantly destroyed by a Russian anti-tank missile launched from the Konkurs ATGM, while the tower literally tore off the tower, dropping it a few meters.

In the photo you can see that the Turkish tank, which arrived just a few days ago from the Hatay province, received tremendous damage, moreover, we are not talking about an air or artillery attack, but only about a direct hit of a rocket in the tower of a heavy tank, as a result of which it just blew it away.

Thus, the Turkish troops can’t even approach the positions of the Syrian military, risking crushing losses, not to mention conducting full-fledged military operations in the territories already liberated by the Syrian forces.

According to some data that have found partial confirmation to date, over 40 Turkish tanks have been destroyed in Syria over the past two weeks, however, to date, the Syrian army does not even conduct any targeted military operations against the Turkish presence, which indicates the fact that, if necessary, the Syrian troops can destroy the Turkish arms and armored vehicles transferred to Syria in a few days.

T-55m, compared the photo, definitely he.

This is the T-55.

Not only the tower was demolished for him, but he also managed to rust and the earth was plowed around!

T 62, in the form of wheels and headlight guards

this is definitely t-55 !!!

This is the T-62! On the rear two rollers is determined! They are a little away from the first three.

In the photo T-62, moreover, the Syrian army. The tank was destroyed on the outskirts of Jawbas by a blow from Turkish artillery. There is a video from there, by the way, the Syrian KAMAZ was also destroyed there.

No need to carry the blizzard gentlemen "specialists" this rusty trough and was not lying next to Soviet tanks. Take a closer look at the contours of the frontal hull and find 10 differences.

That's right ..t 55

Good! Whatever it was to work, to be friends on two fronts!

In the photo T-55. Pro-Turkish militants had Syrian trophies.

Not Russian, but Soviet. T-55. Although 55 matches were made in Poland and Czechoslovakia.

More likely Soviet. for this is T 55

in the photo is the t-55 or t-62 case, and the Turks are basically redone m-60

But is there a Russian tank in the photo?

just styling


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