Missile defense system S-500 Prometheus photo


The Russian S-500 Prometheus missile defense system has successfully completed the testing phase

The Russian S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft system has successfully completed a series of tests, confirming its ability to shoot down hypersonic targets. This became possible thanks to the extensive work carried out during the test period, during which the complex demonstrated the highest effectiveness against existing and future hypersonic weapons. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Prometheus will begin to enter service with the troops this year, which will significantly strengthen the country's air defense/missile defense potential.

Expert Dmitry Kornev highly appreciated the capabilities of the S-500, emphasizing that the system can work not only against warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles moving at hypersonic speeds, but also against guided warheads, as well as shorter-range systems.

“According to its capabilities, the S-500 can work against warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and they move at hypersonic speed, and can work against guided warheads, as well as similar shorter-range systems.”, - Izvestia quotes Kornev as saying.

The S-500 Prometheus represents the latest achievement in the field of anti-aircraft missile systems, possessing a unique ability to hit targets in near space. This complex is capable of operating at altitudes of up to 200 km and at ranges of up to 600 km, which makes it possible to effectively counter not only aerodynamic, but also space threats, including satellites in low Earth orbits.


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